Hi Guys. Thanks very much for what was a most enjoyable and informative day at the Level 1 Science Day

David, Jeff and Bryan create a formidable team. The knowledge gained to the benefit of my game was well
and truly in excess of the dollars outlaid and has convinced me to take on level 2 and 3 of the program, as well as implement other suggestions that were made. I certainly got the impression that all the participants, from my level as a relative beginner, through to the lower handicappers that all took a significant amount of improvement away from the sessions.

The mix of myth debunking, humour and technology is, in my eyes, perfect to allow the significant amount of information received to be absorbed, living up to the “simplify it” objectives of the sessions. At no time did I glance at my watch, which is a good indication of the agenda and the skill levels of the team.

Again, many thanks

Peter Warren

David, Level 3 Science Day was great and provided immediate improvement. The K vest work with Bryan and the
combination of the other. Lessons resulted in change on course and reinforced. The direction I was heading was correct.

Results: 45 stableford points and a reduction of 4 shots off my handicap. My best ever.

Results: a real big smile

Derek Heller

Hi Jeff

I recently attended your Guest Coach Series golf school with Paul Buchanon from the U.S. and I must say it is the best thing I have done in years. The information you guys delivered was easy to understand, made perfect sense and was simple to put into practice. You would think the way you guys run off each other that you work together every-day not on opposite sides of the world.

It was very pleasing for me that even though Paul works with a range of very talented players, his information was just as relevant to me and my game and because of that my scores improved dramatically due to implementing some of the techniques we were shown.

Congratulations on a terrific program. You will be seeing me again.

David Murray

Hi Guys.

Thank you for your invitation to attend the play like the pro’s day that you just recently did at Riverside Oaks Golf Club. It was first class from start to finish.

Firstly, what a great venue, nice atmosphere first class facilities, the meals and the service left nothing
to be desired.

Secondly, the golf course was terrific. Great condition, enjoyable to play and the kangaroos were something else. Finally, the format of the day was sensational. A nice lunch, Jeff, and David did a fantastic session on Drivers and how they work using the radar and Video. Understanding the things that I had been doing wrong was only part of the experience, but to be shown the correct thing and have it work was even better.

Then to go on the course and put everything we had been Shown, (plus more) to help improve my course strategy
was just what I needed. I usually can’t apply what I have been shown on the range to the course, but the pro’s took the time to show me why and how to get the most from what I was doing and my game responded very positively.

Since doing your day my scores have improved and I have lost three shots from my handicap. I look forward
to your next on-course adventure.

John Mahoney