Ever wondered why you can practice well at the range but not convert it at the course?

A driving range mat offers a flat stance, a flat lie (or a tee) a wide-open space to hit your ball, no penalties if the ball doesn’t go where you want.

The golf course offers uneven stances, up hill, down hill, ball above your feet and ball below, landing areas that can stop your ball, kick it forward or make it bounce at 30 to 40 degrees left and right, lies varying from a tee to a ball sitting in deep grass, sandy soil, firm hard pan, as well as a breeze direction that changes every time you go to the next hole, targets that vary from course to course, let alone hole to hole and every time you hit a bad shot not only does it cost you shots but your next shot is harder than the last one.

Doesn’t seem like we are practicing for the same game!

Where the driving range has it’s place to teach us the fundamentals of a consistent golf swing, the skills of hitting good shots needs to be taught on the golf course where we can apply what we know and have been shown in the midst of battle.

Our on-course golf days have become exactly that, taking golfers through real life scenario’s and seeing how their games hold up under the watchful eye of one of Absolute Golf’s expert coaches and if it doesn’t hold up, we go through the process of putting a plan into action that will work better and the understanding for the golfer to know when to set that plan into action.

Our on course sessions go for 9 and 18 holes at varying levels of golf course and give you the experience of learning not just golf swing but golf related topics that will make you a better player and a more knowledgeable golfer able to see not only your influence on the golf shot will be but how you can predict what other influences are at play.

Have your eyes opened at an on course golf experience, you will wonder how you ever played before.