Absolute Golf have over 50 years Professional experience in the golf industry. Their depth of knowledge has given them a full range of subjects that they have become very conversant with. From Junior Golf to Club Fitting, Teaching Programs to Corporate Golf, Proshop Management to Technology testing, training and Development.
Absolute Golf over the years has represented

  • Flightscope Launch Monitors, Aust.
  • About Golf Simulators, Aust.
  • Henry Griffitt’s, Aust.
  • Golfer Positioning System (Aust. Affiliate)
  • Jack Newton Junior Foundation.
  • Ignite Golf, Aust.
  • Golf HQ, Aust.
  • Sydney Business Golf Group.
  • 5 Golf courses in the greater Sydney area.

Over a period Absolute Golf has spent time helping all these groups improve their product and offered services, which will allow them to be better for the future. With this broad range of knowledge and experiences Absolute Golf is the perfect vehicle to take your product or service to the next level.
For more information on how Absolute Golf could fit into your developing business contact us today.