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Welcome To Absolute Golf

Absolute Golf is a collaboration between Australian PGA Professionals David Reckless and Jeff Mansfield. Their philosophy is a well rounded approach which takes in equal amounts of technical analysis, physical and equipment influences as well as on course instruction, as they understand that all of these affect the golfer differently and can be the key to any players success.

  • The unique Golf School format allows for individual improvement in a group setting.
  • On course golf days that are an opportunity to put a golfers technical prowess under the microscope of real life situations as well as touching up on a players “Golf Skills”
  • A premium being placed on the “Golf Experience” with all the services the boys provide, from their Golf Trips, Consulting and Corporate Golf Days
  • First class programs, world-class facilities to practice and play and top line professionals delivering the content.

The enjoyment of golf is much more than a great shot or a good round but the enjoyment and excitement of just playing the game and is something that is shared with both David and Jeff.


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Absolute Golf – Enjoy the Game

I was really impressed with your insight into my issues and pleased with the impact on my swing which to me is beginning to take on the semblance of what I have been looking for in consistency and control. Just reinforces my perception that Absolute Golf is different  and I can’t wait to get out to another of your on course days to apply what I have learned.

W.D.Bates. (attendee of Barnbougle Tour and approx. 100 hours of Absolute Golf Schools